About Christina

I became aware of my psychic abilities at a very early age when I saw the spirit of my deceased brother in the hallway one night.

I called his name and he disappeared, then reappeared with a strong message for me; that I am here to help people who are seeking a change.

I saw my purpose; to bring people to the next level of clarity about what they are supposed to be doing on this Earth plane.

That was the day that changed my life

Since then I always paid attention to the signs: The right book would come my way that helped me gain clarity. Or a challenging circumstance would happen in my life and I’d receive strong messages from angels and those who have passed to the other side.

As I got older this kind of channeling from the beyond began to happen spontaneously in public places. I’d be next to someone at the grocery store check out line and their spirit guides would come through to me and I’d give free channeled readings right there on the spot.

Soon afterward, I made the commitment to my purpose and created Christina Predicts so I could help more people.

I decided to pursue a degree in counseling so I could help more people in an expanded way.  I received my Masters in Professional Counseling.

I have helped thousands of people around the globe

I have helped everyday people as well as high-profile celebrities to discover who they really are, what their purpose in life is and how to solve other various questions that trouble the mind.

I’d love to help you gain the kind of clarity that comes from the beyond.


Christina Predicts

Psychic Readings

I have a selection of psychic readings designed to assist you to gain the kind of clarity that comes from the beyond. I have an uncanny ability to see the invisible influences in your life whether you live right around the corner or across the world.

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I came to Christina for help with a problem that was constantly happening in my love life. I kept attracting men that didn’t want a commitment. She suggested that we do a few past life sessions to clear the issues. I was very into this. When I finished the 2nd session I started to see some changes with the people that I was attracted. It was just about the relationship for love but it also changed my friendships. I decided to go forward with more sessions. I am a client of 3 years. I am married, have two best friends and planning on having children. I would recommend her 100%!  ~ Gianna G. Manhattan, NY