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Christina became aware of her psychic abilities at the early age of seven, when she was able to see her deceased brother. Christina heard his voice, and the message was very clear. That was the day that changed her life. After years of developing her ability for the Spiritual Realm, Christina has risen to become a renowned leader within her field.

With the unlimited reach of the Internet and live psychic and spiritual readings on Skype, Christina has been using her special gift to touch the lives of her clients around the globe including many high-profile celebrities. Christina specializes in helping people discover who they really are, what their purpose in life is and other various questions that trouble the mind.

For more and more people, spirituality is becoming a commonplace practice within daily living. Christina shows her clients the benefit of a more spiritual mindset and the idea of a higher being, as well as a certain pathway that they should follow.

Christina's live psychic readings offer many advantages over traditional counseling, since she can actually see the events that are taking place and that will take place in your life, as opposed to sifting through past events. Her readings have allow people to prepare for what is ahead, rather than simply analyze bygone circumstances.

Please note: While psychic reading appointments usually require scheduling anywhere between 4 to 5 months in advance, Christina always does her best to accommodate special circumstances, including those who recently had a loved one pass away. Her spiritual psychic readings are a great way to connect.

$200 for a 1-hour consultation | $100 for 30 minute consultation.
Live psychic and spiritual Readings are conducted in-person at Christina's Northern New Jersey location or remotely via phone call / SKYPE.

You can schedule a spiritual or psychic reading appointment with Christina by calling 973-592-9387 or by email: